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Rae of Hope: Ginger’s Second Chance

Updated: Jun 22

We are grateful to all who supported HSNT’s Rae of Hope (ROH) program through our solicitation in February. ROH is a vital resource to our senior community, and since January 1, 2024, HSNT has served nearly 700 North Texas pets through this service. The program helps ensure that vulnerable pets receive the preventative care they need and meet the requirements of many senior living facilities and apartment complexes so the pets can remain with their beloved owners.

This last year, HSNT reinstated our offsite ROH clinics that were so popular pre-COVID, and we recently caught up with one family who said the clinic came just in time. 

“She was a throw-away dog,” said Diana Pointer, wife to Kip and pet mom of Ginger, a Corgi-Chiweenie mix - all of whom benefitted recently from a Rae of Hope Clinic at the Haltom City Senior Center.

“What I mean by that is - the family that had Ginger couldn’t potty train her, so they didn’t want her anymore,” Diana said. “They knew how I felt about animals and asked if I would take her.”

The rest is history, as the saying goes. According to Diana, that was many years ago, and Ginger is almost 14 years old now.  Diana went on to share how the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) was such a blessing to her and Kip, as money is tight and veterinary care costly, especially now as they’re on a fixed budget. “When Kip bought pet food this month, that was $50 of our grocery bill!” she said. 

She and Kip brought three pets to HSNT’s offsite Rae of Hope Clinic that day - another dog, Noah, and a cat named Dazy - all pets who started out with other families but ended up with them. Their other dog, Noah - a small Chihuahua mix, used to belong to Diana’s mother, who passed away from COVID, leaving little Noah to Diana and Kip. “I tried taking Noah to a vet to have him examined and to make sure he was healthy but was told that he was “dangerous” and they would not handle him,” Diana said. “He was 14lbs of “dangerous,” Diana said, laughing.

One of the things that impressed Diana and Kip so much was the care and compassion with which HSNT’s staff handled their pets during their appointment. According to Diana, they all left happy and healthier, thanks to HSNT.  Diana said that the announcement came just at the right time when they needed care and were looking for affordable options for their three pets. “At our stage in life, we really have to be careful with money - especially with inflation as it is” she said.  “When you try to be a friend for animals, you have to weigh out what you can afford each month.”  

When asked what she would say to the folks who are funding this program and making Rae of Hope accessible to seniors in need, she simply said “thank you!” - three times!  She continued by saying that she and Kip married later in life, and at the time they met - he was not an animal lover, but quickly became a “fool for pets” just like her. “We both hate to see them mistreated and believe they deserve the best life possible.” 

Because HSNT is funded almost entirely by private donations, the financial support from individuals and foundations helps make this program possible. 

Recently, HSNT received two new grants to fund ROH including National Charity League - Southlake, providing $3,750 and Mutt Nation (affiliated with Miranda Lambert), earmarking $6,000 to help with the spay and neuter of pets participating in ROH. 

Humane society of north texas - Pets and People, Saving Each Other®

HSNT’s mission is to save, shelter, protect, and advocate for all animals in need in North Texas
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