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HSNT Immediate Funding Need

Updated: Jun 22

HSNT’s Behavior team is supported by a dedicated contract behaviorist who works with 40 pets per week at our Hurst Pet Adoption Center. The training and enrichment provided are invaluable, improving each pet’s wellness and quality of life, and making them more adoptable, which shortens their stay at the shelter. 

We have pending grant proposals that include partial funding for this training and enrichment, but our current funding will be depleted by the end of this month. To sustain this crucial work through the end of the year, we urgently need to secure $6,000 by the end of the month.

This immediate need is attainable and scalable. A $250 donation can provide approximately one week of our contract behaviorist’s time. Your support will directly benefit the vulnerable pets in our care. Can we count on you? Could you fund two weeks or even a month of our contract behaviorist’s time?

Every gift, no matter the size, will help ensure this specialized care remains available during the gap in grant funding. Thank you for your compassionate support of our Behavior and Training Program.

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