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Updates from the Ranch: June Newsletter

Updated: Jun 22

Welcome to the Ranch! During May, ASPCA’s Adopt a Horse Month, HSNT placed four equines with wonderful adopters!

Our first two adoptions this month were Shadow and JR, who were adopted together! When Shadow was posted online, we received an inquiry from a lovely couple who just had to meet him. Of course, Shadow won them over with his charming personality within minutes of meeting them. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, JR also made a lasting impression and deep connection with them. We want to wish Shadow,  JR, and their adopters happy trails.

Next, Trouble found a home with a very sweet woman who knew he was the one for her. After leading Trouble around the round pen, he wouldn’t leave her side again. We know these two will be best friends for life!

Annie, our super senior horse, was adopted to Second Chance Farms, where she will spend the rest of her twilight years surrounded by other animal friends, big and small! We are so happy to have friends at Second Chance Farms who love their animals unconditionally and assist us with our mission.

Pictured: Adopter Karissa with Shadow // Pictured: Shadow & JR in their forever home

Pictured: Adopter Lindsay with Trouble // Pictured: Annie & her new friends at Second Chance Farms

Champions, Takoda & Will!

Takoda and Will recently visited Reata to remove their injured eyes surgically. We are happy to report that both had successful surgeries, are back at the Ranch, and are expected to recover fully. Give them both lots of hugs and kisses, they deserve it!

New Faces on the Block

Meet Jake! Jake wanted to make sure he got his chance to show off his handsome self and introduce himself! Former stallion Jake has been improving his confidence and people skills while relaxing and learning  to be a chill guy.

Meet Her Majesty! This regal registered Thoroughbred mare has a strong presence, stunning appearance, and resilience as a herd leader. We predict she will be adopted quickly!

Meet Violet! This stunning registered Thoroughbred mare is a pretty and shy gal. We know she’ll be adopted pretty soon; fingers crossed!

Meet the Big Bad Wolf! Now disguised as a rooster, he will huff and puff and charm his way into your home! We promise he isn’t like his namesake from the fairy tale, he’s a much nicer guy than that, so why not invite him over?

Meet Wilbur! He just showed up on the ranch one day and decided this was where he wanted to be! Wilbur is such a funny character and is beloved by all our volunteers and staff. He is now residing in one of the pig pens, so make sure to say hi to him when you come out!

Tips & Tricks

Saturday volunteer shifts are open. Come on out, weekend peeps! We all love our treats but refrain from feeding the horses any treats or outside food we have not approved of. Please help us adhere to our feeding program so everyone in our care receives the best nutrition possible. To enter the gate, call the barn phone number (817-891-6203), which is also shared on the code box at the gate.


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