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Behavior Training Program Update: Sensory Garden

Updated: Jun 22

If you’ve been to our main shelter location in Fort Worth, you may have seen a colorful new addition – our Behavior Training program’s Sensory Garden! This project has been supported by a grant from PEDIGREE Foundation, and we’re so excited to share this shelter update. The new garden has provided necessary enrichment for HSNT’s shelter dogs, which is crucial to their overall mental and physical well-being throughout their adoption journeys. The Sensory Garden features various methods of enrichment, including a dig pit, ramp, tunnel, tires, and fire hydrants, as well as multiple textures, sounds, scent games, and tug toys to explore. 

The Sensory Garden allows the dogs to activate all five senses while experiencing enrichment activities in an intentional and meaningful way. Here’s what our outstanding Senior Manager of Behavior and Training, Madison Hensley, had to say about the new facility improvement:

“Our shelter dogs are now receiving outdoor enrichment that provides for them on a psychological level as well as gives them space to run and play. We are able to introduce them to new stimuli in a positive way and allow them the opportunity to hear, smell, touch, and even taste new things! We are building confidence and readying dogs to find loving homes.”

Behavior Training is a critical program at HSNT designed to improve the adoptability and future well-being of every pet we serve.

Daily enrichment is a big part of an animal’s overall health because we know that pets in shelters experience a myriad of stress-inducing situations that have the potential to impact their behavior. Targeted indoor and outdoor enrichment activities can help dogs achieve a sense of control over their environment, help them overcome any stress they may be experiencing, and ultimately learn desirable behaviors that improve adoption outcomes as pets transition into life with their new families. HSNT is so grateful to our Behavior Training team, grant partners, and donors who make all of this possible as we work together to ensure every pet receives the highest quality of care and treatment they deserve. 

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