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What to Keep in Mind When Moving to Fort Worth with Your Pet

Guest Blog By Melissa Kauffman

Are you and your pet thinking of a move to Dallas/Fort Worth? From dog-friendly restaurants and breweries to fantastic parks and walking trails, you and your four-legged friend will have so much to do in our wonderful metroplex!

If you're moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with your pet, it's important to remember that animals experience anxiety and excitement around moving, probably even more than we do, because they might be confused by what's happening.

Here are a few tips for making the moving and renting process as stress-free as possible so you and your pet can kick back, relax, and enjoy your new home together.

Establish Your Daily Routine and Keep it Consistent

Routine is essential to our pet's mental and physical health, even more so during a significant life event, like moving to a new home.

Before you begin the moving process, lock in your feeding, watering, playtime, and exercise schedule. It'll make your pet feel much more at ease when the moving day comes and make the move easier on you too.

Keep that schedule as consistent as possible throughout the moving process and after you've settled until your pet has gotten comfortable in your new home.

Create a Sense of Security Around Their Carrier/Crate

While some pets are already comfortable with a crate or carrier, others only associate it with trips to the vet, and that's not good when you're trying to make them feel better about moving!

Add a bit of positive reinforcement by leaving it open while you're doing your daily business at home to encourage curiosity. Once they feel comfortable enough to venture in without your coaxing, offer treats inside the carrier or crate to show them it's in their best interest to make friends with it!

Take Steps to Ease Their Nerves on Moving Day

Moving day is usually a bustling mess full of house traffic (sometimes including strangers if you use a moving company) and open doors. Ease your pet's temptation to bolt or bark at the movers by asking a familiar human they trust to take them on a field trip to their favorite park or walking trail.

If they can't have a fun day out, set aside one unpacked room they can hang out in until it's time to go. In either case, be prepared! Keep food and water bowls, litter boxes, leashes, meds, and toys handy in a bag or container that's easy to access during the transition.

Confirm Rental Policies Regarding Pets Ahead of Time

As in most cities, Fort Worth apartments often have rules, fees, and charges as part of the lease terms. You've probably already signed on the dotted lines for your new apartment and paid associated costs with keeping your pets, but there's no harm in double-checking everything is buttoned up.

Also, for dog owners, make sure you understand the rules around where you can walk your dog on the premises and the leash laws for any dog parks on the property, if applicable.

Prep and Pet Proof

Like humans, anxiety sometimes manifests itself in a type of behavior that isn't usual for the individual. Being mindful of your pet's behavior can help you avoid or manage any nervous habits born from anxiety that may get them in trouble or, more seriously, may harm them physically.

That's why pet-proofing your place is an essential step in transitioning them! Doggies (and sometimes kitties) tend to seek out things to chew when they're nervous or very young, so keep baby-proof locks on cabinets where potentially harmful chemicals are stored.

Block areas like door frames or windowsills to deter your pup from chewing or your kitty from scratching. Locking waste bins is also a worthy investment to keep your fur babies from rooting through the trash. Also, keep houseplants out of reach. Both can contribute to sickening your pet!

Dog owners should provide chew toys and treats, and cat owners would be wise to offer scratch towers or pads (especially if there's catnip!) to protect tempting surfaces like carpets or sofas. If possible, put the litter box in a private, easily accessible area away from a carpeted floor as well.

Get Cozy Together

Your furry bestie should have plenty of time to sniff around and get to know their new surroundings with the security of your presence nearby. With a bit of encouragement, they'll settle in their new digs as ruler of the roost before you can say "who wants a treat"!

Fort Worth Loves its Furry Residents!

If you're planning to move to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, we welcome you warmly! The city of Fort Worth and its suburbs are full of animal lovers, so you can expect lots of smiles from your neighbors when you walk down the street with your favorite furry amigo at your side. We hope you and your pet enjoy our city as much as we do. See you around town!

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