The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is here to help each family work through the best options for their pet(s), including rehoming and surrendering. Below are the most common recommended steps.

If you need to surrender a farm animal such as a horse, goat, pig, chicken, etc., please visit our Equine Resources & Livestock Resources pages to view all available options. If you have further questions, please contact our Equine & Livestock Department at (817) 891-6203 or email

Before surrendering your pet to any shelter:

Contact HSNT and other organizations focused on helping owners keep the fur families together, for resources that may be available to help you keep your pet.


Try to rehome your pet with a friend or family member who you know and trust.
  1. Collect info/photo for a pet profile for your pet

  2. Take a current photo fido/fluffy looking at the camera and a full-body shot

  3. Provide information about your pets likes and dislikes and what would be the perfect home for him/her.

  4. ​Utilize social media to post your pet profile to ensure your pet is going to a good match and loving home

  5. Utilize free or low-cost adoptions pages to post your pet profile to interested adopters such as

  6. Contact foster-based rescues and breed-specific rescues about rehoming your pet from someone else's home to avoid the stress of shelter life. 


If rehoming isn't an option, HSNT's Animal Resource Center will be able to assist you.

Please call (817) 332-4768 x106 or email our Animal Resource Center.

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