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Support HSNT for North Texas Giving Day: Save Lives, Make an Impact

North Texas Giving Day is just around the corner, and the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is eagerly reaching out to our incredible community for your valuable support. We invite you to stand with us as we strive to create a meaningful difference in the lives of both animals and people throughout North Texas. Your generosity on this momentous day will be magnified through matching sponsors, stretching the impact of your contribution like never before. At HSNT, we're not just an animal shelter; we are a beacon of hope and a vital resource for our entire community. Our mission is clear: to save, shelter, protect, and advocate for all animals in need in North Texas. We are motivated by a unifying belief that kindness for animals is an integral part of what it means to be human. Our goal is to improve the lives of North Texas pets and the people who love them, and we achieve this through a range of innovative, affordable, and lifesaving services. HSNT is the largest animal shelter in Tarrant County, and we've been instrumental in saving thousands of pets that were once homeless, neglected, or injured. We don't stop at merely providing shelter; we've developed strategic and innovative programs to find loving homes for these pets. In 2022, we touched the lives of more than 18,800 pets, and we anticipate this number increasing in 2023. Our proudest achievement is our live-release rate of 97% in 2022, a testament to our unwavering dedication.

HSNT does more with less, as we are primarily funded by private donations. We are not affiliated with any national organization, which means your donations directly impact our operations. Our commitment to transparency, financial accountability, and governance has earned us a prestigious 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, placing us in the top 1% of all charities nationwide. The Power of Your Contribution: Wondering how your gift can help us save lives? Here's a breakdown of some of our current needs: $25: Provides vaccinations and microchipping for an animal in need. $50: Funds a spay or neuter surgery for a pet in need. $100: Provides supplies for one adult pet to temporarily stay in foster care. $200: Funds basic veterinary care for the pet of a senior citizen. $500: Saves one pet rescued from cruelty or neglect. $750: Provides medical and farrier care to rehabilitate a horse. $1,500: Provides major medical care for a severely injured animal. HSNT runs various campaigns addressing specific needs within our community, such as the Rae of Hope program and Cruelty Investigations. Your support for these campaigns directly contributes to their success and amplifies our impact. HSNT is dedicated to ensuring that every member of our community has access to essential pet care services. We provide free and low-cost services to residents in the 11 lowest income zip codes in Fort Worth, which often serve minority communities. HSNT is an open admission shelter, welcoming animals from the general public, regardless of their city of origin.

Join Us on North Texas Giving Day Your contribution to HSNT on North Texas Giving Day is an opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful. The day is designed to maximize the impact of your donation through matching sponsors. Your generosity can help HSNT continue its lifesaving mission. To support HSNT on North Texas Giving Day, visit our page to make a difference today.

HSNT is committed to saving lives, protecting animals, and serving our community. By supporting us on North Texas Giving Day, you become an essential part of our mission, ensuring that we can continue to thrive and make a lasting impact. Together, we can create a brighter future for our beloved pets and our community.

HSNT - Pets and People, Saving Each Other®

HSNT’s mission is to act as an advocate on behalf of all animals and to ensure their legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection; to provide for the well-being of animals who are abandoned, injured, neglected, mistreated or otherwise in need; to promote an appreciation of animals; and to instill respect for all living things.

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