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Keeping Your Dog Busy At Home During COVID-19

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Guest Blog by : Melissa Kauffman

COVID-19 has been tough on all of us – four-legged friends included! Don’t despair if you’re not able to get out and play as much as you used to. Even though socialization at dog parks isn't the same as before, there are plenty of fun games to play with your dog indoors. We have rounded up a few indoor favorites, just in time to add a bit more excitement to you dog's day at home.

1. Search & Sniff

Here’s the perfect idea: Hide treats around your home to set your dog off on a tail wagging adventure. Your dog will put their nose to work to find the hidden treasures. You can determine how easy or difficult you want the game to be depending on where you decide to hide them.

2. Treat Stuffed Toys

Kongs are great for hiding treats and keeping dogs busy. The toy’s opening is small enough to provide dogs with a challenge but also big enough for a treat to fall out before your dog becomes frustrated.

Need to beat the heat? Kong comes to the rescue here, too. Fill a freezer-safe plastic container with broth and drop the Kong inside. Let it freeze overnight, then take your dog to a safe space where they can enjoy this giant pupsicle without making a massive mess.

Bonus: They’ll be reminded once again why you’re their favorite person!

3. Tug of War

All you need for this old school game is a tough rope and a pawsome dog who’s ready to play. Wiggle the rope, let your dog grab hold, and let the tugging fun begin! This game is great for tiring both of you out, giving you a bit of an upper-body workout, and letting your dog exercise their chompers.

5. Interactive Dog Feeder

Even though your dog may figure it out in a few minutes, interactive dog feeders and puzzles are a great way to keep your canine occupied. They’ll look forward to meals and treats even more than usual when mental stimulation is involved!

6. Hall Ball

A long straight hallway is ideal for this game. Similar to fetch, take a ball and roll it down a long hallway. Your dog will go racing after it without unpredictably tearing through your home.

Pro tip (trust us on this one!): Be sure to put breakable items far out of reach, as this game can quickly turn into a rambunctious romp.

Keep in mind, a happy dog is a tired one! Exercising Fido both mentally and physically can be a challenge at home, but be sure to give yourself small breaks to give your fur babies attention throughout the day, so you and your pup can be happy and you can hop on a zoom call without interruption!

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