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10 Ways To Have The Best Day Ever With Your Dog

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Here are 10 ways to enjoy outside with your dog this weekend.

1. Don't get mad when they wake you up before 7 a.m. When a dog's gotta go, ya know, they gotta go! Use this early morning opportunity to enjoy a walk around the block before you start your day or enjoy a cup of coffee and a puppuccino outside. Your dog will thank you.

2. Setup a play date! Get with your friends and invite their dogs for a backyard romp! If your dog has a bestie, don't deny them their friend time.

3. Take them camping! Dogs and tents are a match made in heaven. Enjoy our warmer weather at a nearby state park and get outside with your furry bestie.

4. Let them lead. Find out where your dog wants to go for your walk. Let them take the lead while on your next walk (within reason). You never know what adventures you'll find!

5. Take a day to walk along the Trinity River in Fort Worth. The vibrancy of our hometown can be seen anywhere along the river! You may meet some new doggy pals along the way.

6. Let them enjoy a special treat. Many restaurants offer pup friendly treats from sweets and meats. Ask your waiter the next time you're enjoying dinner on the patio! You may be surprised at the dog friendly menu items they offer.

7. Let them decide the rules of fetch. Is your dog stubborn with giving back the ball? Give in and chase! You will both find yourselves laughing and worn out. What a great work out.

8. Find a new trail and conquer it together. There is a lot of land to explore in Dallas/Fort Worth. From parks and trails in Keller to Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, you're bound to discover something new. Check out your local map or download the All Trails App to find a dog friendly trail near you!

9. Take them on a shopping spree! Let your dog decide the next toy to buy. Test them out together and then immediately after, get outside and play.

10. Take them for a drive. There's nothing some dogs love more than to just get out and see the world! If all they ever do is stay at home, surprise them with a short trip. Their only trips in the car shouldn't be to the vet after all. Make the car an enjoyable experience for them and take them for a drive around town, to the lake, or to relax on a patio for dinner.

Remember, you are your dog's whole world. So the best day ever for them is just spending time with you! Get outside and give yourself permission to have an adventure with your best four legged friend.

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