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Board of Directors

Jay Hebert, Chair

Bill Boecker, Vice Chair

Kelly Shoulders, CPA, Treasurer

Natalie Johnson, Ph.D., Secretary

Jeff Davis

Daniel J. Red Goldstein

The Honorable Mike Hrabal

Frank Iannelli

Cristina Jaramillo, DVM

David Lavine, MD

Marti Lowe

Tammy Miller

 Meda Kessler

Sheila Owen

Eileen Pekarev

Beth Pulliam

Jon Snyder

Martha York

Leadership Staff

Susan Gulig, President

Ellen Rawlins, Vice President of Operations

Melissa A. Riehl, Vice President of Development

Daphne Alexander, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Cynthia Jones, Director of Clinic Medicine

Dr. Misty Mendes, Director of Shelter Medicine

Nelda Corbell, Director of Pet Placement

Destiny Vandeput, Director of Communications, Marketing, & Public Relations

David Fuentes, Director of Cruelty Investigations

Steven Stevens, Director of Equine & Livestock

Caralee Reed, MSML, Director of Human Resources

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