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Keeping Your Pets Safe for July 4th

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Did you know that more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year?

Noisy parades, loud music, neighborhood picnics, and, of course, the most fearsome of activities, fireworks, all create the perfect storm for anxious and scared pets. All of these patriotic traditions can mean PARTY for us humans, but they are traumatic and dangerous events to our pets.

Fireworks are scary, unpredictable and inexplicable to pets, so they are likely to dart and attempt to escape out of the yard or home when they hear those frightening KA-BOOMs. It's best to keep your pets inside safely during fireworks.

Here are some tips to keeping all pets happy and comfortable, and safe from getting lost for the holiday:

  • Take your pet for a walk or playdate well before the fireworks start. This allows your dog to exercise, release all that energy and, of course, get plenty of times to go out to “potty” before the party starts.

  • Keep all pets secure indoors. Some pets may even feel safer if they are placed in a smaller interior room or their crate with music or the tv playing.

  • Close your windows. Dogs, in particular, can try and get out of the house by pushing out the screens. Dogs have been known to bolt through screen doors so keep your inside door closed as well.

  • Resist the urge to take your dog to the parades and festivities. Loud, crowded activities are stressful for your pets.

  • Check your fence line for loose boards or openings that your pet could slip through or dig their way out of. 

  • You could even keep a leash on your dog and walk him/her in the fenced yard if they need to potty while fireworks are going on to avoid sudden running out of fear. Be sure their harness of collar is secured and tight and that you have a good grip on the leash. Darting and running off out of fear can be unpredictable and can catch you off guard.

  • Make sure your pet has a tag on their collar that is readable, up to date identification tag on his/her properly fitted collar.

  • Update your contact information on your pet's microchip. If you don't already have one for your pet, we highly encourage you to get one. It could mean the difference in finding your pet should they get lost.

Did you know? HSNT microchips pets for just $15, so please make sure your pets are chipped! Check out our microchipping (and other clinic services) here! Please call our clinic at 817.332.4768 x112 or email for more information.

The Fourth of July should be fun! Don't let your holiday weekend be ruined by having to search for a missing pet. Keep them safe inside so they can get through this weekend safely at home while you enjoy the festivities. Have fun and be safe!

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