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10 Reasons To Adopt A Pet in 2022

The near year brings new excitment, resolutions, and changes. What better way to celebrate a new you than by adopting your new best furry friend! The Humane Society of North Texas offers so many opportunities in the DFW metroplex to adopt a dog or cat or small animal at local PetSmart & Petco locations. Visit our Events page to view all upcoming adoption events! In the meantime, read up on all of the top 10 reasons you should adopt in the new year!

1. That life-changing spark⁠

You know that feeling of love at first sight? Or maybe it's love at first lick? Either way, you're bound to feel that spark with the right pet, one that will last a lifetime for you and your pet.

2. The loving eyes⁠

Oh those loving, longing, devoted eyes! Who can resist? To be able to stare into your pet's eyes and literally feel their kindness is unlike anything ever experienced.

3. The wet nose⁠

What is it about booping that wet, big nose? They are too cute and feel so good!

4. The little toe beans⁠

Kitty paws have got to be the best feeling ever! So soft and squishy! Plus when they knead and make "biscuits" in their blankets, it's simply adorable!

5. The warm kisses⁠

How can your day not get better with wet, warm kisses from the one who loves you most? Puppy and kitty licks provide instant cheering-up for any rainy day.

6. The shared smiles⁠

Sharing a sweet smile when on walks or playing together are pure happiness to share with your bestie!

7. The full camera roll⁠

When you have a fur baby, be prepared to fill up your phone's storage with lots and lots of pics. All will look the same, many will be of your pet doing the same thing. None are allowed to be deleted. Ever.

8. Endless laughter⁠

Pets are an endless source of entertainment. They will make you laugh and laugh even when they are naughty. The giggles heard throughout the house will be non-stop and centered around your furry friend's antics.

9. Cozy cuddles⁠

Snuggling into the soft fur of your pet is pure joy. You will sleep better and wake up more stress-free with your furry friend by your side.

10. Love 💜⁠

Need we say more? All we need is love, and pets provide an endless, unconditional supply.

If you've been considering adding a furry friend to your family, look no further than your local adoption center! Make an appointment online to visit our pets or come to our weekend adoption events!

View all pets available at our adoption centers by visiting

Thank you to our sponsor, Petco Love for inspiring this blog post!

Pets and People, Saving Each Other

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