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Squirtal's Story

Hello!  we recently adopted the 2 year old Squirtle. She has been renamed Meatloaf, or Loafy for short. She has been an absolute blessing. We were told she was a little shy, but that was not the case at our house! 

When we got home and got her few things set up, we let her out of the box and walked away to let her explore on her own. Which she did for about 10 minutes. She found her essentials (food and potty) and went looking for a cozy spot. She was kind of like goldilocks, each spot was alright but not quite perfect. Until she found my super soft blanket that I sleep with. She has officially claimed my side of the bed as hers  

She is a love bug!! And quite hilarious when she is in a playful mood! 

She is keeping herself very well groomed and has even nuzzled her face to mine     so I believe she is happy and cozy with us.

Thank you and have a purrrrrfect day

Squirtal's Story

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