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Pita's Story

I adopted a senior dog because she just happened to catch my eye. I had actually been looking for a younger, bigger dog when I found her! Dachshunds have always held a special place in my heart (they are my breed!) and when I saw her on the HSNT website my heart melted! I couldn’t believe someone had abandoned her. I got to thinking about it over the course of a few days and decided to pop in to the Waggin Tails Adoption Center to see if she was still there.. and she was. 


She has been a total doll! She instantly fell in order with my other 2 dachshunds without skipping a beat. Everyone is happy and they all get along. She even gets along with my 2 cats. She loves my Sphynx cat who constantly plays with her. They are constantly chasing each other around with the Sphynx doing acrobatics. 


I would love if more people considered a senior animal. Pita is well mannered, not hyper, loving, house broken, and she even knows a few tricks! Other than her needing a dental cleaning when I adopted her, which I did- she is super active and the best dog ever. 


The cutest thing she does is when she wants to go outside she walks up to me and barks until I acknowledge her. She also talks back sometimes when I talk to her. This sweet girl makes me feel loved. I honestly feel like I’ve owned her all my life. That’s how perfect she fits into my little family! 


Thank you HSNT for saving this senior puppy and giving her a second chance.

Pita's Story

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