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Oreo and Earl Gray's Story

“Hello! This is Oreo and he was adopted in 2018 from HSNT! As soon as he got to his forever home he slept, and slept and slept! He was curious and nervous at the same time but overall he was the happiest puppy. A few days later, we found out that he was a swimmer! He loves the water and he’s like a little fish just swimming around!

In 2019 I found out that I was pregnant and it was a baby girl. Oreo knew it and he would always lick my belly and sleep on it, waiting patiently for his baby sister.

Finally, she came and he was soooo happy when we brought her home. He wanted to be by her side always and when he would hear her crying,  he made sure he was right there, protecting her.

Now it’s been 3 years with him and we’re still thankful for him, just like the first day we saw him. He’s the sweetest puppy in the world and we are lucky to have him.

A month ago we decided to adopt a kitty as well. His name is Earl Gray and guess what? Oreo was so happy too!! He has a kitten brother and a baby sister. He’s full of love. We are thankful for y’all and all the hard work y’all do rescuing animals.”

Oreo and Earl Gray's Story

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