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Norma's Story

We just want to thank the Humane Society of North Texas for the newest blessing of our lives! She was previously named Starla... but we felt strongly knowing she was a stray — appears she recently had pups, was a bit scared and hiding in her kennel at the adoption event — that she deserved a new lease on life and thus a new name! 

Meet Norma! 

Norma is a significant name as I am an opera singer by trade... and after a very difficult birth of our only child (she’s 5 and healthy now!) it took me a year to get back in stage after recovering.... the role of Norma in The Opera “NORMA” by Bellini was the first opera where I was “reborn” back to the stage. So that name was suggested out loud by my husband and I was thinking it inside my head the same time! Bam! She is reborn after having pups and being a stray... and now being spoiled

Norma's Story

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