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Milo's Story

I had always lived with a 4-legged baby in the house, and I found myself all alone for the first time in my life. It drove me crazy- so what do you do? You go to a shelter and play with kitties and if you found one meant to be yours, you adopt! 

I thought I'd want a female kitty, as that is what I've always had. When I saw a picture of this beautiful Seal Point Siamese sent by a friend, I knew this kitty was meant to be mine- boy or girl. So I flew over to HSNT hoping it would still be there! 

When I saw you, you started meowing at me- as if to say "get me outta here, mom!". You were a boy. I've never had a boy, and I thought what the heck. This kitty is purring like crazy, and I knew instantly you were mine. 

You saved my heart, Milo, and had rescued me as much as I rescued you. I was so excited about having a boy! I couldn't love you more, and I certainly can't imagine life with out my little man. 

You are a sweet and loving boy, with gorgeous blue eyes and silky fur. Your favorite toy is a string with a toy attached, and often I will find one in the bed where you have brought it to me while I was asleep. Wherever I am, you are sure to be close by. You are indeed, the perfect kitty, and I'm so thankful to get to be your momma. Thank you my sweet Milo, for saving my heart.

Milo's Story

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