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Lily's Story

A few nights ago I found myself searching on the HSNT website, looking at the sweet pups with no intention of falling in love until I came across Miss Lily's picture. Immediately, I felt her tugging at my heart. Something said she belonged with me. We definitely didn’t need a new fur baby as we have a full house but my heart said otherwise. 

The very next day, I was waiting outside the doors of the shelter an hour early and full of excitement! As soon as I saw her, I knew she wasn’t going to spend another night in the kennel. Her smile when I held her said it all! 

Since we have been home, this sweet 12 year old lady pup has brought us so much joy. I didn’t know why God led me to her at the time but after being diagnosed with an unfortunate illness, I now know why. God knew I needed her as much as she needed me. 

She is a spunky girl, full of love and kindness. She is gentle and adores my boys. I may not have been able to help write the beginning of her life but I will help her write the end. 

Miss Lily will live the rest of her life knowing how loved and adored she is. She saved me. She rescued me. Senior babies deserve a loving home too! 

Thank you HSNT for this sweet senior girl, who completes our home!

Lily's Story

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