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Layla's Story

Layla is super smart! She already sits on command and she is only 3 months so I think that this means that she is brilliant. My two family pups, Bogey and Jax are a bit bewildered by her sudden appearance. I am sure that they will grow to love her. She believes that the pool cover is her new watering hole, complete with feet washing mechanism. We’ve since tightened the pool cover to make sure that she is safe. This has presented a challenge with her attempts at drinking water from the pool.

I have found that a glass of wine on the fireplace hearth is not safe. This girl is a fan of red wine. Naughty little lady. I have certainly learned my lesson and will take proper precautions in the future.

We have a pibble gentleman that is 4 years old. He has become her guardian. He hasn’t left her side. My Jack Russell terrier who is 12, will take a little longer to accept her but this isn’t his first rodeo.

I am so excited to have her home with us. She is such a sweet baby girl

Layla's Story

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