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Koda's Story

After losing our 16 year old Chi-Winnie, Maxi earlier in 2018– we were missing the small dog of the house. In March my 13 year old son was diagnosed with a serious auto immune disorder which required numerous medical visits through the summer. To perk him up we felt actively searching for our next fur baby would take his mind off his medical issues. In July, we found Apricot at the Humane Society of North Texas. His spunk seemed to be a perfect fit for our house. 

Koda came home and he fit in like a champ! We can't imagine our house without him. He has adopted our 2 year old Boxer, Luna, as his fur mama. They absolutely love each other and for that we are blessed. 

As a counselor our goal is to make Koda a therapy dog so he can tagalog with his human mama at work. He has already made his way to my campus over the summer to spread his puppy love to my co-workers. Everyone loves to see him and often requests his visits. 

We are thankful the Humane Society of North Texas brought Koda to our lives. We are complete.

Koda's Story

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