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King's Story

I got King from Keller Welcome Home, on October 4th 2017. I got off work a little early and decided I could use some puppy loving. I was going through a really difficult time in my life and a dog was THE LAST thing I needed. I walked through the shelter and the first dog I saw was King. He was laying facing the wall and every time I called his name he didn't even move. I asked if I could play with him and the employee took us to a room, he just laid there and didn't want anything to do with me. I left that day with King stuck in my head. I called my family and they agreed adding a dog in the mix of what I had going on already was going to be too difficult. The next day I decided I was going to visit King again and see how I felt. I walked in and said his name, he immediately jumped up and came to the end of the kennel. Despite what everyone had been saying, I knew King was going to go home with me that day.

The first day he came home and slept for three hours. He didn't eat for the first few days, didn't play with any toys I got him and didn't seem to be excited to see me when I got home. I felt defeated and started to second guess if I made the right choice. Sure enough, the fourth day he started eating and when I would come home he would be laying on the floor in front of the door and would freak out and jump around to see me. I think he finally realized I was his new mama and he was gonna be stuck with me forever! Now, I can't even use the rest room without him wanting to be next to me.

Getting King was hands down the best decision I ever made. I am genuinely a happier and healthier person now. He puts a smile on everyone's face. He LOVES to cuddle, eat spaghetti, go on long walks then he regrets it once he realizes he still has to walk back. He snores like a freight train but now it's the only sound that can put me to sleep.

As for my family who were a bit hesitant for me to bring King into my life, they can't get enough of him. They love when we go visit and often our conversations revolve around what King did that day instead of me.

King lives the life. Spoiled beyond belief. He often joins me in meeting my friends for brunch in Dallas or going to West 7th and hanging out on the patios to watch football games. I had a very strict no animal on furniture policy but those eyes won me over, he sleeps all day on the couch and at night gets THE whole bed while I sleep on a sliver and try to steal back the blankets.

Thank you again to those at HSNT who loved him before I got the chance to. I truly would've never imagined that an animal could change your mental and physical health so drastically but he did and I've never been happier. 

Thanks again HSNT Keller!!

King's Story

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