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Harper's Story

My daughter and I went to the Benbrook Waggin Tails shelter to check out the cats available one afternoon, after her dad and I decided it was time for us to get a cat. When we arrived in the kitty area, our daughter initially took to a very friendly cat who was sharing a room with an extremely shy little kitten. The kitty with the big personality was really trying to sell herself on coming home with us, but the longer my daughter sat in the room with the two of them, eventually the shy kitty came around and began to interact with her. She was shy at first–which is exactly like my daughter. It didn’t take long for Kate to decide that this shy kitty was meant to be ours. 

Since we’ve gotten her home and changed her name to Harper, we have had many laughs and cuddles with her. No longer a shy kitten, Harper is the first one to greet new people at the door and very curious about everything that is going on around the house. She wants to be in the room with whoever is home at all times. I’ve never had a cat that followed you around like a dog, but Harper does. She doesn’t like to be alone as long as someone else is home. 

She can often be found on her spot at the top of the recliner, where she has a nice view of the whole living room and kitchen area. She loves her toys, especially mice and Medieval Times flags. She plays non-stop and then crashes. She’s curious and nosy and wants to be in the middle of whatever you are doing. She especially loves running into the pantry every time the door opens and jumping in the recycle bin.

Harper has been a wonderful addition to our family and we all just love her. She doesn’t really like to be held or carried around, but she will always be nearby and loves back and ear rubs.

Thank you HSNT!

Harper's Story

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