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Dixie's Story

According to Dixie’s paperwork, she was an owner surrender at 14 years old. She is deaf now, so all her barn hunt success has been mostly on her instinct. Since she was still full of so much energy, I thought we would try this! We started her training earlier this year. 


Dixie is a stinker and had to learn how to live in a pack. She’s a lot better at It now, but still has her moments. She is very much a terrier, full of herself and backs down to nothing!! 


In order to receive her Novice Barn Hunt title, she had to earn three qualifying scores. The day of this picture was her third qualifying score, thus her title. 


 Ribbons left to right: Qualifying Score, First Place in her class, Novice Title, High in Class Score, and Judges Choice (team award for working well together). 


Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. You were wrong. 

Dixie's Story

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