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Buddy's Story

I adopted a dog named Cinnamon from your Keller Adoption Center, but his new name is Buddy.

I have had him for about 4 months now and I have learned a lot about him! He’s not a fan of toys, he’d rather just play with his people. He loves to have his own bed, or get in mine when I am in it. If he’s in my bed, he has to be under the blanket with me — he loves the
warmth. He’s not a big fan of cats, but he loves his dog brother Max. They are both calm dogs who love each other's company. They both love to go hiking with me and enjoy the sun and water when they can find a puddle to lay in.

Buddy takes regular visits to the vet, as I work for one! He is always kept in the best care, which is all he deserves of course! He is now a registered ESA animal and will be returning with me to my college where he is registered at.

Overall, Buddy (Cinnamon) is thriving! I absolutely do not regret making a 3 hour drive to come meet him. He is apart of the family now!

Buddy's Story

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