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Brodie's Story

Here’s a Christmas ‘pupdate’ from Brodie’s, family. Brodie was one of our St Croix hurricane survivors and longest residents at our Keller facility! 

“When my family lost our beloved dog to cancer in January 2018, we were heartbroken and unsure that we could ever have another dog. But within a few months, we began looking at the Keller Adoption Center, unsure if we *really* wanted to adopt.

We were immediately drawn to Brodie when we saw him. Who could resist that sweet face or those adorable (and expressive) ears? I was hooked when he enthusiastically played fetch with me. My husband loved Brodie's pleas for belly rubs.

 We adopted Brodie at the beginning of July and he has become an integral part of our family. He loves to play and go for walks, but he's also happy snoozing on my husband's belly or crashed out on the couch next to me.

Thank you, HSNT for this beautiful, blessed boy. We cannot wait to share our first Christmas with Brodie and the many years to come! Brodie is our Christmas blessing for sure!

Brodie's Story

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