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We recommend that you set up a confined space for your dog when you cannot keep an eye on them – a crate or playpen will work wonders for both you and your dog We recommend that you establish a routine, for feeding, potty, and nap times to help your dog acclimate to your home and prevent accidents. We require you to have fresh water available all day, in a clean bowl We require that when a foster dog is on a walk that the foster dog is wearing a  fitted collar and harness with a tag.  We require you to follow a quarantine protocol - that is 14 days upon arrival from the south Texas transport, shelter, and or the streets.   We require decompression time that is sometimes a minimum of 14 days, sometimes it may be longer depending on each dog. Allow your dog an adjustment period – this is a whole new environment for them. Do keep up with training, even when you think they have mastered the skill Do check your dog’s collar regularly to make sure it’s correctly fitted and it has a DOGRRR tag. We recommend that you feed your foster animal(s) separately from other pets in your home.

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Do not leave your foster dog unattended outdoors under any circumstances – even during the day Try not to crate your dog for more than 6 consecutive hours (unless approved by our foster team) Please limit taking dogs for a walk if  the ground is too hot – if you can’t keep your palm on the ground for more than 5 seconds the ground is too hot for their paws NEVER leave our dog in the car unattended – they can overheat and die in a matter of minutes We encourage you not to jump to their rescue the moment they cry in their crate – they will never learn independence DO NOT use verbal or physical aggression to address misbehavior or potty accidents We ask that you DO NOT feed your foster dog table scraps despite how cute they may look when they beg Do not leave doors to the outside open when bringing in groceries or other items. Please make sure the dog is secured before opening the door if the dog is a flight risk. DO NOT USE RETRACTABLE LEASHES- it is very hard to control a dog on a retractable leash. DO NOT PLACE A CHOKE CHAIN, PRONG COLLAR, OR E-COLLAR/SHOCK COLLAR ON ANY DogRRR DOG FOR ANY REASON.

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AKA I Want to Adopt My Foster Animal
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Promote Your Foster Pup on Social Media

Post about your foster pup on social media to get the word out! You never know whose friend-of-a-friend may be looking for a new pooch. Share your best pic of your foster and be sure to specifically ask other users to “share this post to help get [foster dog name] adopted!”

  • It may feel a bit spammy, but studies have shown that direct, specific calls-to-action (like a request for a share) will get better results than not including a call to action.

  • Giving your pup defining attributes may allow him to connect with his perfect fit more easily (for example, describing a dog as a hiking machine with wanderlust may attract an outdoorsy owner).

Post About Your Foster on Local Facebook Groups
  • In many cities, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of local Facebook Groups designed for residents. Try posting info about your foster to Facebook groups created for new residents, dog walkers, local shared resource groups, hiking clubs, running clubs, etc.

  • Just make sure to read the group’s rules first, as some might not allow these kinds of adoption requests.