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Jannie  Foster Incentive (1380 × 600 px).png
Pitbull Portrait

Foster a cute doggo and get up to $250!! We currently have an influx of dogs over 30lbs and need help clearing kennel space to give each of these dogs a chance to find their forever homes!

In exchange for providing a temporary home for these dogs, HSNT is offering up to a $250 incentive to thank foster families for their help (generously sponsored by several donors). HSNT will also provide fosters with training, and supplies, and cover 100% of the foster dog’s veterinary care. A $100 incentive will be given to fosters who take in a dog at least 30 pounds for a three-week period of time. If at any point during the three weeks, the foster finds a home for the dog, an additional $150 “bonus” will be added!

Fosters will be required to foster for the entire three-week period to receive the $100 incentive, however, if they find a home for the dog, the full $250 incentive applies without a time minimum (for example, if you foster a dog and during week 2, find an adoptive family, you’ll receive the $250 even though you didn’t foster the full three weeks). Only one foster incentive at a time per household.

If you are interested and available to foster, please fill out the form linked below to become an HSNT Foster Hero!

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