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Topsy and Turvy's Story

Topsy and Turvy are two adorable sisters from the HSNT Saxe-Forte Adoption Center in Fort Worth. Our family was looking to adopt “a” kitten, and when we showed up to the shelter we

absolutely fell in love and had to have two! I picked up Topsy, and my mother picked up Turvy—and at that moment we knew we would be taking the sisters home. The two fell asleep

in our arms as we rocked them and signed their adoption papers. By the time we got them back to our house they had showed their adorable and distinct personalities, and loved nothing more then to be held. They are a wonderful fit for our family, and have bonded so well with the other fur babies in our house. They sleep curled up in the same bed every night, and follow us and each other wherever we go. They love laser pointers, feathers, curling up under warm blankets

and sleeping in their mouse bed. Now, we couldn’t imagine our family without our spunky little kittens, and we love watching them learn, and grow everyday.

Topsy and Turvy's Story

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