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Tofu's Story

We adopted Tofu over the summer after months of thinking of getting a puppy. He was sleeping in his crate when we got to HSNT so I overlooked him but my husband fell in love with him at first sight. Since then, Tofu has become our baby and we love him so so much!!! He is the happiest puppy, loves cuddling as well as going to the dog park (to make new human friends...oh and dog friends) and taking long walks. He’s a little ball of

energy with no off switch and learns new words so fast we had to refine our spelling skills, you can see his smart graduate face! (Yes, he goes to training classes and will do

anything for food). He also loves cuddling with his older brother as long as he doesn’ttry to play too rough and will show you that lovely underbite smile anytime. 

Thank you HSNT for finding our little monster and completing our family!!

Tofu's Story

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