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Tess and Forrest's story

My husband adopted Tess from the Saxe-Forte location almost 3 years ago. She is a brown and white, 5 year old Pit/Lab/Beagle mix. She had been in the shelter for several months and that just broke my heart; she was very timid and scared for the first few weeks but after she learned to trust us and she became so full of life and energy and sooooo many licks! We take her everywhere! Camping, hiking, patios, road trips – she is so adventurous and loves going on trail runs.

This past Christmas, my husband surprised me with another Saxe-Forte lovebug. He brought home Forrest, a brown and black 2 year old Catahoula Leopard Hound (he was heart worm positive, but HSNT covers treatment!!! and he’s now heart worm free) that is a nap-aholic with a chill demeanor and a deeper bark than you’d expected. Tess is really high energy and Forrest is very mellow and cuddly (true to a typically hound dog) so initially we were worried about how they would take to each other. Tess ended up bringing Forrest at out his shell, making him more adventurous and vocal while Forrest mellows Tess out, has shown her how to share and the best napping areas of the yard.

We started calling them Tyrannosaurus Tess as she’s always running around causing mayhem and SleepaForrest Rex because he’s most likely napping through the chaos.

Now this family of four has all the adventures ahead them!!! Thank you HSNT!

Tess and Forrest's story

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