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Sunny's Story

It has been 4 months since we adopted Sunny (formerly Ella), and according to her adoption paperwork she just turned 1 so I thought this would be a great time to send you all an update!

Sunny is doing FANTASTIC! She is a very happy and healthy dog. She’s gotten lots of love and snuggles each day and came out of her shell more and more. She is now fully adjusted to life with us and is just the perfect dog for our family, we can't imagine our world without her. She loves to play catch, go to the dog park and make new friends, and go on walks. She';s not a big eater but does love a "puppuccino" every now and again as a special treat. Sunny is so affectionate, sweet and gentle; she loves to snuggle and get all the pets. She has been super easy to train and already knows how to sit, come, stay and even spin around!

You will be happy to know that we also have kept in touch with the family who adopted Sunny's sister, Emmie. We even got them together for a doggy play date and reunion and it was so adorable to see them play together! 

Thanks so much for all you guys do and for helping us adopt Sunny. We can’t thank you enough for letting our home be her furever home!


The Masters Family

Sunny's Story

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