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Sakura's Story

This purple beauty came into my life 3 years ago and gave a new meaning to our lives. Reading her story broke my heart and I just knew that she needed someone who would love her! I arrived at HSNT 45 minutes before they opened because I knew in my heart that her place was with me. Within 30 minutes of them opening the door I was walking out with my new best friend, Sakura (aka Fuchsia). 

Sakura brought an awareness and new mission to my life. I wanted to help animals like Sakura that have had a rough start to life like she did. Sadly, I can’t bring them all home (I would if I could- wouldn't we all?) but just a few months later I walked back into the Humane Society of North Texas not as an adopter this time, but as an employee.

Sakura has enriched my life in so many ways. Every day when I get home she is there to cuddle ME and take care of ME. She never leaves my side when I’m sick. There's no question who saved who, as I know, it was her who saved me and has given me a purpose far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Happy Gotcha Day my life changing, furry best friend!

Sakura's Story

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