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Sadie's Story

Hello there, my name is Sadie! I’m the new guy in the family...only, I’m a girl. I’ve actually been around a few weeks, so consider me proof that subsequent children do get a lot less press. I decided to stop waiting on my mom to do it and just go ahead and introduce myself. So, hi everyone! 

I’ll never forget when I met my new family. My litter had been dropped off at the shelter and we were having a blast! We got lots of food and puppy-doctor visits and we played together every day. But one by one my brothers and sisters left to go with new families and I ended up all by myself. This particular day had been a rough one. I was really busy interviewing families to adopt - trying to stay perky, trying to look adorable, and trying REALLY HARD not to pee. on. the. people. It was exhausting work. But after all of that, there I was again at the end of another day. Alone. Kinda sad. And really really scared. 

Then I heard a girl’s voice in the distance asking to come down my hall. It was a long hall with one dark and empty room after another, and I was at the very end. How could she ever find me? How could I tell her I was there? There was only one way. So, I took the hugest puppy breath I could take, and with all of my power from the tip of my tail to the top of my ears, I let out the strongest, baddest, big-doggiest yelp I could muster. “Please keep looking, little girl, I’m over here! Right here!!” 

Suddenly, she peered through the glass and into my cage. I gasped. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my whole entire life. We locked eyes. She squealed and then I squealed and then she ran away squealing some more. But she wasn’t leaving me, she was just asking if she could hold me! I was so excited I think I tinkled right then and there. 

The shelter lady took us to a little room where I got to snuggle that pretty girl. Then I licked and smelled the other people from her litter. Even her grown-ups held me! I noticed they all eyed the dad, waiting for him to say no to taking me home. But I knew the minute my daddy held me close, he would never ever leave me. 

We closed down the shelter that night after everyone else had gone home. But unlike the other nights when I'd go back to the kennel and sleep by myself, that night I adopted my new family. They all got teary and hugged me tight as we drove away, headed toward my forever home. I couldn't wait to get there and explore all the parts, and smell all the smells, but my eyes got really sleepy. The sound of their voices and the joy in their laughter was like a fluffy blanket around my heart and I drifted off to sleep, feeling safe, knowing I would never be alone again. Because these people? I knew right away they were my kind of people. They loved each other a whole lot, and they would love me a whole lot too. So, I rescued them all...just as fast as I could.

Sadie's Story

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