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Pearce's Story

My beloved 16 year old dog Herry, passed away 2 days before Christmas and left a tremendous

hole in my heart.

Three weeks later, I looked at the pictures of the dogs available at HSNT and loved that Pearce’s eyes looked so much like Herry’s. I went to meet him and felt, immediately, that he belonged in our home. He was matted so badly, you had to groom him and shave him down– so we were curious

how his fur would look grown out!

Pearce has been a priceless addition to our people and animal family. My husband and I have two other dogs and three cats and they all entertain eachother. I could not have asked for a better fit.

Pearce is such a happy little guy who loves everyone and is my special little buddy. I am grateful to the Humane Society of North Texas for all that you do for animals. Pearce is our third adoption from you. (All of our animals are rescues!)

Pearce's Story

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