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Murphy's Story

My husband and I had just moved to Texas from Massachusetts. He was an engineer working crazy hours and I was a full time graduate student...not knowing the area or

anyone around us, I found myself starting to feel lonely and knew that I needed a furry companion! 

I woke up one morning and decided to head over to the first shelter I found on a quick Google search. I had originally wanted to rescue an older dog, but after meeting with 3

and not feeling that “connection”, I was ready to leave feeling discouraged. That’s when a nice HSNT staffer pointed me in the direction of the “puppy room”! 

When I walked into the room, I saw Murphy, previously known as Nova. It was seriously love at first sight! He was a 3 month old / 25lb baby, who was just the sweetest boy. I

knew I couldn’t leave without him that day. Bringing Murphy home was the best decision I’ve ever made and he’s been such a huge blessing to our lives and the perfect addition to our family! Our 100lb+ / 10 month old has now been to a countless number of breweries, has met so many new dog friends, explored mountains, seen snow for the first time, and is living his best life. He loves long car rides, puppacinos, swimming, snuggling with mom and dad, and walking off leash in the woods. He brings a smile to everyone he meets. Thank you HSNT!!! - The Johnson Family

Murphy's Story

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