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Mazie's Story

We adopted Mazie from HSNT in Keller. She was destined to be with OUR family! She is the bossiest, squakin' & barkin', ball chasin', kid lovin', smartest ninja waffle stealin' dog we've ever known.

In her bossiness, she is trying to keep the fur-pack in order. In her squakin and barkin, she's alerting her family to anything she may hear (including every.single.leaf. that may fall from a tree). With her ball chasin' she keeps us entertained for hours. 

When she loves on the kids, she loves with her whole heart and wants to go wherever they/we go. Smart, oh yes. So smart she can snatch a waffle off a plate on the table before you can get the syrup out of the microwave. Like. How?

We love her and wouldn't have it any other way. By the way, how DOES she get to the table without us ever seeing her???

She is a perfect fit for our family and we are thankful we were able to adopt her that day! 

Thank you HSNT for making sure her personality would be a perfect fit for our family. She's a nut. And she's OUR nut.

Mazie's Story

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