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Lola's Story

Good morning, my loyal subjects. You can call me Lola. 

Almost, two years ago I was brought into HSNT, as an owner surrender, because I was very pregnant and very sick. A very nice lady at the shelter found a foster home for me so I could have my babies in a loving home instead of at the shelter. 

Unfortunately, when my three babies were born they were too tiny to live; probably because I was so sick. I was still very, very sick myself and needed lots of medicine and breathing treatments and subcutaneous fluids before I finally got better. I don’t know if I can ever thank the staff enough for helping save my life. 

After I got better, my foster mom helped me find a loving forever home where I live and love happily every day. My mother still sends pictures of me to my foster mom so she can see how fabulous I am. This is one of those pictures. 

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the mothers (and someday mothers) who worked so hard to give me a better life. I am blessed (obviously).

Lola's Story

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