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Link's Story

A month after we adopted Link, he started treatment which was covered in his adoption fee. He was perfect and did really well during those weeks of treatment. The HSNT clinic was awesome as always and made me feel secure the whole time he was going through his treatment. It’s really awesome that HSNT treats heartworm positive dogs adopted, because of how expensive it can be anywhere else! I’m very grateful for the clinic and will always be for how amazing they were to my Link.

I don’t think having had heartworms changed him at all! I think people are scared because it is something that affects their health but it is only a very serious issue if it continues to go untreated. When someone adopts a heartworm positive dog, they are saving the life of that animal and helping other animals in so many ways. Not only are they getting them out of the shelter, they are opening a spot for other animals in need and they are getting that animal cleared of a disease that is life threatening.

The love I have for him trumped any fear I may have had and how could I resist that precious face! 

People believe that heartworm treatment is a scary and deadly treatment but it’s not. Heartworm treatment has come a long way and the success rate says everything.

Link lives a happy, healthy and heartworm free life now. He loves to run around and play with toys. He bosses the rest of my dogs around but hey, that’s okay. My husband and I keep him on a very strict heartworm pill regimen every month, which is fine with him because there isn’t a more pill pocket loving dog than this kid!

Adopting a heartworm positive dog is really a life saving decision!

Link's Story

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