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Leo and Zoe's Story

Why do I love my pooch(es) so much!?

When we adopted Leo he was only 3 months old and about 19 lbs. He was so careful and so cautious of his surroundings. As soon as we brought him into our home, we saw a new beautiful side to him. He is so energetic and loving, but yet very aware of what is going on. He doesn’t really know how big he actually is (now 1 yr and 3 mo, weighing at 80 lbs.!) that sometimes he likes to sit on your lap and get all the loving he can get! My husband and Leo instantly became best buds, but as much as Leo loves his dad, I think he has a soft spot for mom too. Leo definitely brought something new and amazing into our lives, that explaining it is quite impossible.

We knew Leo needed a pal. One year later (almost exact) we decided to add a new fur baby to our family. To not only give Leo some company, but to fill our home with a forever love. Zoe is now almost 4 months and about 15 lbs. She has the most energetic, but yet so calm personality. She enjoys rough housing with her brother Leo, but after that enjoys her snuggles with mom. Zoe joined the pack of all boys in our home so in dad’s eye’s she is the princess! Being the princess and all she has adjusted all so well. She added that one last missing piece to our fur family.

Leo and Zoe are two peas in a pod. Whatever Zoe does Leo does, and vice versa (that includes the trouble and mess they BOTH get into). Big brother LOVES to protect little sister Zoe and that is something I love seeing about Leo. They both bring out something from the other that we hadn’t seen before, and we absolutely love it.!

We would like to thank HSNT for bringing our family together and making us feel so complete. Cas, Leo and Zoe are more than just pets, they are our family and that has been something y’all have been able to give us. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Leo and Zoe's Story

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