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Jenny's Story

World, meet Jenny, the love of our lives! Our story first began with the Home for the Holiday Christmas Program in Keller, a year ago. This beautiful, smart, loving angel named Jenny, was waiting for her family to bring her home to share time during the holidays. Our eyes met for the first time and we immediately connected with a special family bond. At first when we brought her to the car she was shy and timid and seemed scared, but we lovingly got her in the car and brought her home. When we got her home she didn't want to go up the stairs to the second floor. We had to carry her up and down the stairs for the time she was here because she was scared of the stairs. 

When grandma met her for the first time she was like "oh my gosh is she gonna fit in our little apartment?!" But grandma fell in love with her and Jenny fell in love with grandma and they can't live without each other now! We had a magical weekend with her, treating her like a queen. She showed us how smart she was by letting us know when she wanted to go outside. She followed the rules and was good and well-behaved, and wasn't any trouble at all!!!

The day came to bring her back after the holiday weekend. Everyone was sad. It was an emotional time but we brought her back, only for a very a short time because we HAD to adopt her. Jenny had heartworms but they would be taking care of the treatment for free!!! We're happy to report she is heartworm free. Jenny loves to go on car rides, vacations, get belly rubs, and hugs and kisses all day and night, and to play in the sand and she loves everyone. Everybody loves her and she wants to give her love- ALL THE TIME. 

Speaking of car rides and vacations, we drove all the way to Florida for our summer vacation to spend time at the beaches and Jenny, while not a water dog, had a wonderful time laying in the sun on the beach. She enjoyed exploring the new areas along the way each time we stopped. 

This is our love of our lives- Jenny Chanel Powell-Delgado!!!

Thank You HSNT!

Jenny's Story

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