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Hersehel's Story

Last summer, my husband and I were considering whether or not to adopt a dog. The first (and, as it turns out, ONLY) place we visited was the HSNT Saxe-Forte location. We walked into the east run, and there, in the second or third stall on the right, we locked eyes with a beautiful, young retriever mix named Shadow. There was just something about him that drew us in. We stood in front of his stall for a few minutes

talking to him, watching him stand on his hind legs to try to reach us through the fencing. A volunteer allowed us into his kennel and he couldn't keep his excitement contained. It was like he knew he would be ours. We gave ourselves the night to think things over, and went back the next day to make it official.

He came home and we gave him the name Herschel. He's been our boy ever since and seems to have human-like qualities that make him feel even more like family. He';s

incredibly smart, loyal, and enthusiastic yet graceful for his size. We're so thankful for him and for the privilege of being his family for the rest of his life!

We were going through the mail and saw we had received a piece from HSNT - with Herschel and his enormous, floppy tongue right on the envelope! It was such a treat!

Thank you, HSNT, for what you do in connecting precious animals with their forever




Hersehel's Story

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