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Hanalei's Story

Oh what to say about this sweet little girl. Hanalei (pronounced HANA-lay) came into my life when I needed her most. I was living on my own for the first time after college and really needed a fur baby in my life. I knew I had to adopt and that I would find the right dog for me with Humane Society of North Texas.  I was getting impatient and went to the shelter every day and constantly checked the website. Finally I found her. I was on vacation in Hawaii when I saw Hanalei’s sweet face on HSNT’s website. The moment I landed back at DFW, I headed straight to the shelter. When I got there, they brought out the cutest white fluff ball I had ever seen. She was a perfect match too. So sweet, so obedient and she looked like a stuffed animal.

Hanalei was shy and a little skittish at first but we bonded so quickly. I trained her in no time - she is incredibly smart and loyal. I named her after my favorite place in Hawaii, Hanalei, because I was fresh off the island. She is the perfect little purse dog and I feel so lucky that I can take her everywhere with me! I have never had a dog as devoted and loving as she is. I absolutely love taking her shopping and I think she loves it too!

Hanalei is always down for anything we want to do. She has been such a blessing in my life and I am so grateful to the Humane Society of North Texas for providing her the care, love and attention she needed when she was surrendered. What HSNT does for the community and for all homeless pets is truly amazing. I got so lucky with this little one and I am forever indebted to HSNT for bringing Hanalei into my life. I am so proud to have a fur baby who is an HSNT Alumni! I AM her mama.

-Lauren M.

Hanalei's Story

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