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Gracie's Story

My husband and I just got married, graduated from college, and moved to Keller. Soon after we moved here, we went by HSNT just to look at the dogs, and we laid eyes on our sweet Gracie. The staff brought her out to us, and her face beamed as she jumped up into our arms. We have never adopted our own dog before, so we were really nervous, but we knew that we could not leave the shelter without her. 

Ever since that day, Gracie has been the biggest blessing in our lives. This year has been full of transition, and not every day is easy, but Gracie is with us every step of the way. She gives us puppy kisses when we are stressed, she makes us play with her when we are too serious, and greets us with so much love every time we come home! Gracie's name is so fitting for her, because she is the most gentle, kind spirited dog I have ever met. She loves to cuddle and be loved on, any chance she gets. Gracie teaches us to be more joyous and more adventurous, and we are so glad she is ours!

Thank you HSNT

Gracie's Story

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