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Elsa's Story

We adopted Elsa recently from the Keller Regional Adoption Center. Since then she is doing fantastic! Everyone that has met her as simply adored her cheerful disposition- from family members to our patients to the groomers. 

Originally surrendered to the shelter because she was “too needy,” Elsa has found her calling with two high-need parents. ;) Elsa’s love of interacting with people, playing fetch, and snuggling has been put to great use at her new “job.” Elsa understands that new offices can be scary for the autistic and special needs kiddos that come her “job.” Elsa assists her parents in greeting new patients, sitting in patient laps when they are anxious or nervous, & generally making everyones day a little brighter. 

Since Elsa is only 5 months old, she is still working on mastering basic commands… responding to her name, walking on a leash, potty training, and playing fetch. When she gets a little bit older she will begin the process to become a certified therapy dog for Elsa to work with the autistic and special needs kiddos at her work here in Keller. 

Thank you again for letting us adopt Elsa. We joke that if you bottled pure happiness, you would get Elsa. She’s the delight of our days lately. 

Elsa's Story

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