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Duke and Copper's Story

Dogs have been in my family growing up, but I never had one of my own. For years, I kept telling Ryan (my husband) that I wanted to adopt a dog, but never found one I felt there was a connection with. As summer was approaching, we started looking more frequently and I fell in love with the most adorable puppy. He was a dark brindle color with blue eyes and I knew I wanted to take him home. As I was holding him, I saw two other puppies in the same pen. I turned and looked at Ryan and asked if we could get two. We then asked one of the workers to make sure it was okay and he picked out pup number 2. We named the black one Duke and the brown one Copper.

Upon taking them home, we learned selflessness on a whole new level. We were now their sole caretakers and had the privilege of teaching them almost everything. We worried about every little sniffle, bump, and whine. It has been work and has changed our lives, but this is the most rewarding experience we have had! We now have a purpose beyond work and social engagements. And coming home to two loving pups makes it all worth it.

We have seen our puppies grow from shy animals to daring ones that aren't scared of every sudden movement. We have seen them develop their own personalities and have gotten used to their little quirks. Duke enjoys playfully stealing toys from Copper and as a result, Copper tends to hoard toys by laying on them. On walks, Copper is the leader and Duke stays close behind. They enjoy going on car rides and playing fetch too. My heart is full of joy knowing that we were able to give these two pups a loving home. Thank you HSNT!!

Duke and Copper's Story

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