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Daisy's Story

This sweetheart was known as Selma when she was at the Humane Society of North Texas. She’s now known as Daisy and is so, so loved by my daughter!

I’m a 3rd grade math and science teacher at Dallas Park Elementary School. I love dogs (I have 3…Carter the lab, Axel and chiweenie, and Miss E the terrier/dachshund mix formerly known as Eureka when she was at HSNT) and I know that kids can improve their reading by reading to animals. So, I partnered up with Animal Hope Pet Adoptions to have my students read to some dogs once a month. I met Selma on my first visit in October. I couldn’t forget her because she barked and barked and barked…and because I had a student named Selma! What are the odds of that?! Animal Hope had explained that Selma was taken to HSNT with the injury and that they weren’t sure what had happened to her. They said that they were contacted by HSNT and they went and got her and nursed her back to health. The sore of her back was pretty big and her skin was still healing. We went back to read to the animals the next month (November).

After they finish reading, we always visit the other dogs. There was Selma, still in the same crate, still barking. As soon as Jessica took her out she stopped barking. She let me nuzzle her face. She was so tiny; only 11 pounds. My daughter had recently moved into an apartment in Dallas and wanted a dog of her own. (She comes from a long line of dog lovers!) I told her about Selma and then 2 days later Animal Hope posted photo shoot photos of her. Taylor fell in love! The next day, right after church we headed over to Animal Hope to visit her. Taylor said, “She’s perfect!” Taylor renamed her, she’s now known as Daisy and she’s spoiled rotten. Taylor takes her everywhere! Her apartment is near shopping, so they walk to get coffee and to the stores. She enjoys the attention from strangers. She never tries to get out of the shopping cart while in a store. And guess what? She hardly ever barks!!! She’s potty trained, leash trained, and crate trained. She actually sleeps in her crate at night. She loves playing with Miss E when she’s at my house. She gets along with Carter and Axel, but Miss E is her HSNT sister.

Taylor said that she passed someone in a scooter and Daisy started barking and didn’t want to be near it. We think that she may have been dragged by someone in a scooter.

Thanks for letting us share her story! We love our rescue dogs!

Daisy's Story

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