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Cora's Story

We were looking for a puppy companion for our older and very lazy Cocker Spaniel in the hopes that a friend would energize him. While strolling through the pictures of available puppies on the HSNT website, this one little, hot-mess photo caught my eye!

There was a newly born terrier-mix litter posted and all of the puppies looked calm and put together – except for one. Cora, the girl puppy, had one ear up, one ear down, bed head, an old-lady beard and her tongue hanging out. There was a lot of character in that one picture – even at six-weeks-old!

When my husband and I went to the shelter to meet her, he kept stopping by the large dog kennels because he wanted a Labrador. When they brought Cora into the interview room and he saw this two-pound little ball of chaos, he just shook his head and said, “no!”

I can tell you now I bold faced lied to my husband. Cora was only small because she was still newborn and the runt… but she would grow. I told him that the staff vet assured me that she would get to be around 20 pounds when fully-grown. Liar, liar, pants on fire, I know… but it got me my hot-mess puppy! 

Cora was still a couple of weeks too young to leave the shelter, so as soon as I got the call that the litter was ready to leave, I immediately sped to Keller. I literally sped to Keller and got a ticket from the Southlake police as proof!

And while I ended up having to take defensive driving because of that dog, I don’t regret it. That was the day our home changed forever and for the better!

Three years later, the lazy Cocker Spaniel is still lazy. Cora is just a little TOO energetic for his tastes. In his mind, it’s clear that she’s an annoying little sister, always in his business.

The Little Dog, Baby Cora or Devil Child as we sometimes call her, is now a total Daddy’s girl. The man who didn’t like small dogs is head over heels for this stubborn, seven-pound feisty pup.

She loves stuffed squeaky toys, sitting on your shoulder like a parrot, hopping around the backyard like a rabbit, doing zoomies in the living room like it’s a NASCAR track and sleeping under the covers behind your knees. She’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner, the garbage truck and has failed obedience school TWICE! She’s extremely smart – just easily distracted and VERY stubborn!

Her personality is three times her size… which gets her a little bit closer in weight to that 20 pounds I implied she would grow to be!

Thank you HSNT for letting us take this paw-some journey with this crazy mutt!

Cora's Story

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