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Clementine's Story

When we adopted Clementine from HSNT, it took her some time to trust us. We took her

in the barn and gave her a big stall all to herself, with a jolly ball and we spent lots of time in

there with her brushing her and feeding her carrots until she finally decided we were ok. She

is now like a puppy dog! She is very sweet, easy going, and will do anything for carrots!

Clementine greets us every morning braying as soon as she sees us come out the door of

the house. If she is in the far end of the pasture, I can just call her name and she will come

running. She has quite the personality. We have people that live out past us that will stop

and pull over on the side of the road and watch her play. She has become rather popular!! In

the late afternoon when it starts to cool down she will run around her pen and buck and kick

up. It is really funny to watch her. Our cows come up to the adjoining fence and watch her

and mess with her through the fence. I have show horses, and she has one of the geldings

that she plays with and chases every day.

 A friend was getting married and asked if Clem could be in her wedding. We thought

why not!? I made her a neck wreath of flowers and a head band with a veil and off to the

wedding she went. Everyone loved her, and for a carrot she would allow the guest to kiss her

and pet her and take their pictures with her. She was an easy bribe!

We are so thankful for finding her and adopting her from HSNT!!

Clementine's Story

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