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Aspen's Story

I wanted to take a minute to tell all of you at HSNT thank you. I saw a picture of a Husky that needed a home on social media, so I called to make sure it was still available. The Husky in the picture had already been adopted but to my great fortune,

there was another. They told me his name was Aspen, and I had to meet him. When I arrived he was sleeping in his pen, and he was so beautiful. The employees were so friendly and helpful, the center is immaculately kept, and Aspen ran and played and

took his toy I brought up for him and I just knew he was meant to come home with me. The process for him was easy and he has been the best natured dog I have ever had. He loves everyone and he has been by my side since I picked him up. He sits, shakes, twirls and is a general show off.  He has been a beautiful addition to my family and I can't tell enough people how wonderful you all are. Aspen says hello everyone- he has a

pack now and a forever home.


Aspen's Story

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