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Amos's Story

Thank you for giving my family the gift of Amos! Our adoption story is probably the same as many others…we have two kids (7 and 5) who have been BEGGING for a dog for years. We lived in a small townhouse and we knew it wasn’t the right place for a dog. We told them, “as soon as we buy a house with a yard you can have a dog, if you promise to be responsible for it!” 

Which they agreed to, of course. We started house hunting a few months back and there ONLY concern was the yard for the dog they dreamt of. We found the perfect house, with the perfect yard and that very same weekend we went to HSNT where we met Amos! He was much different than I imagined, about 50 lbs heavier than any dog I was prepared to own. But we instantly fell in love with him. 

He is the best dog we could have asked for, and he was WORTH THE WAIT. My kids cried the whole day, happy tears of finally getting the dog they have wanted for so long. I have not had to feed, water, brush, play with or pick up poop at all…they have done it all, perfectly and without having to be asked. He is such a joy to us. And now my camera roll is filled with little videos and pictures my kids take of their new best friend.

Amos's Story

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